Fire protection



Fireproofing reduces, controls or slows the combustion of flammable materials. Fireproofing products (fibrous materials, shotcrete, gypsum, etc.) are chosen according to the project’s specifications so as to increase the building’s fire resistance, which allows the structure to maintain its bearing capacity in the event of a fire.

Intumescent coating

Intumescent coating is a paint that creates a fire protection barrier. Applied in multiple layers, this passive protection is particularly useful for protecting the structures that one wishes to keep visible inside a building, in particular steel beams, thus offering up to 3 hours of fire resistance. It is one of Mongrain’s specialties, the company having carried out the largest intumescent insulation project in Canada to date.

Thermal barrier

The purpose of the thermal barrier is to protect insulating foam from fire.


The firewall is an obstacle used to limit the spread of a fire in a building. It can take the form of a partition dividing a vacuum or a door made of fire-resistant materials.

Asbestos and vermiculite removal

Used in construction until 1980 for its insulating properties, asbestos is now an undesirable which is sometimes difficult to remove from old buildings. Following an assessment of the structures to be decontaminated, we will offer you the safest method for removing the asbestos present in the vermiculite to be insulated, plaster and cement.