Our expertise


A unique approach to building protection

Initially focused on wall protection, Mongrain has developed its range of services to include the protection of all elements of any type of building, from foundations to the roof, thus providing turnkey solutions in waterproofing, sealing, thermal protection and fireproofing of building envelopes.

Now relying on an expertise passed on for three generations, Mongrain is the only entrepreneur specializing in the overall management of the protection of the building envelope.


Durable protection solutions

Mongrain excels at finding sustainable solutions to any building envelope challenge. Thanks to its vast network of highly specialized suppliers around the world as well as its own laboratory, the entrepreneur supports professionals and owners by offering them innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions. Thanks to its advisory approach, Mongrain proves to be a valuable partner for owners and developers who wish to ensure the sustainability of buildings and optimize its protection on all levels.

Sustained involvement

Our team of experts supports professionals from the earliest stages of developing construction projects in order to establish a diagnosis of the building envelope, to integrate solutions aimed at optimizing the performance of the envelope and to ensure the compatibility of materials. We also collaborate on many projects carried out in design-build mode.


Cutting-edge technologies

Mongrain’s innovation division works daily in order to find new processes and products that will add value to each project throughout its life cycle. Our passionate engineers’ original products and processes, such as our aesthetic flame-retardant protection process called IgnifuMongrain, are tested every week in our laboratories.