With Mongrain, get a high-performance building, from foundation to roof.


Waterproof and durable foundations for a solid base


Impervious walls offering the best energy efficiency


A fireproofing perfectly adapted to the structure and in compliance with the most recent fire safety standards


Effective decontamination to protect the occupants’ health


Unmatched acoustics offering exceptional comfort


A reinforced structure for increased longevity

Recognized expertise since 1955

The Mongrain tribe is a team of enthusiasts whose expertise, accumulated over three generations, allows designers and developers to maximize the performance of their residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The Mongrain added value

Why choose Mongrain as a partner?


Durable solutions ensuring the building’s sustainability


Projects conforming to current standards


Cost optimization


Profitability of the investment


Superior quality project


Mongrain's service offering is the most complete in the industry and enables it to take care of the protection of all types of buildings, from foundation to roof, whether it is a new construction or a restoration. We collaborate with promoters and designers from the project’s first phases in order to offer sustainable solutions and we support them until delivery.



Les spécialistes en protection du bâtiment de Mongrain accompagnent les promoteurs et concepteurs dans la mise en place de solutions de protection thermique, ignifuge, de la santé et contre les intempéries qui sont parfaitement adaptées à la nature du bâtiment.

Nos solutions globales permettent de maximiser le confort et la sécurité des occupants tout en prolongeant la durée de vie du bâtiment.

From the curtain wall to the green roof, we are able to find solutions suitable for commercial buildings of all types. There is no challenge that our team of specialists in insulation, fireproofing and waterproofing cannot take up!

Mongrain takes care of the protection of residential buildings of all sizes, as well as high-end single-family residences. We provide developers and owners with sustainable systems that will optimize the life of the roof, foundation and building envelope.

By staying abreast of the latest technologies and listening to your needs, we are able to offer you building protection products and processes that are perfectly adjusted to the reality of businesses and their activities.

From Montreal to Northern Quebec, we have designed and installed all kinds of building protection systems according to the project’s specific needs, whether it be a school, a correctional center or a University Centre.

A diversified portfolio

Mongrain has carried out a wide range of protection projects for
residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.



The Quebec best business practices show highlighted the strong culture of the Mongrain company, which is well lived and conveyed within the organization.

- Krystel Bourassa, President NeurOKrono -


Mongrain, A Solid Entrepreneur on whom we can rely as much in insulation as in optimizing the building envelope, through the strength of Mongrain expertise, we are becoming a better real estate developer.

- Martin Desrochers, President Madeco -


We have been a client for 65 years at Mongrain, my father worked with Donat Mongrain, my brother and I worked with Raymond Mongrain and now we work with Karl Mongrain.

- Gerad Issenman, CSLBC Real Estate -